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Easily on par with the best development workshops I've attended


I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to participate in one of Lesley's condensed workshops. Not only was the content thought-provoking and invaluable as a young leader, but her application of the material and personal energy was top notch. Easily on par with some of best of development workshops I've attended; I would eagerly recommend her services to anyone looking for personal energy reflection, professional energy development, and/or leadership and career advancement. Level 7 all the way! 


Laura (Gilmore) Zlomislić 

Entertainment & Marketing Management | Artist Experience | Contract Negotiation 

The Emotionally Effective Leader


Lesley really knows the topic of emotional intelligence, I would recommend her without reservation. 

Additionally, she is very friendly, patient and well spoken. This topic could really improve any company and I would trust Lesley to help you get started. 

If you are looking for training in this area look no further!       


Marco Gervasio 

Corporate Compliance & Continuous Improvement Manager at Bosch Rexroth Canada and Toastmasters International Member 

Healthy Work Life Balance for C-Suites and Entrepreneurs Executive Coaching


Lesley helped me build a healthier balance between my business and personal life. 

Through the framework of the Energy Leadership Index and our work on emotional intelligence, I was able to create greater self-awareness and understanding of my conscious and unconscious triggers. 

She is compassionate, heartfelt and truly loves helping people grow.

Chris Sinclair 

Vice President 

Brand Boulevard 

Her Positive Energy is contagious & engaging


I have known Lesley since we met in the Leadership Niagara class of 2013/2014.  Since then I have had the pleasure of staying in contact with Lesley as she has grown as a leader and coach.  The amazing energy and positivity that Lesley carries with her is contagious.  And whenever I have the privilege of speaking with her I leave with a renewed feeling of engagement. 


Jeffrey McGuffin 

Commercial Analyst at Meridian Credit Union  

Executive Leadership Coaching


Being with Lesley is energizing by itself.  She gives you her whole authentic self, and her enthusiasm and passion for what she does. She is prepared, professional, engaging and completely focused on you, her client. She works with you to create, or rediscover, the best version of yourself, the version you dream of, no matter where you are now, personally or professionally, and it is inspiring, contagious and attainable!

Working with Lesley and the Energy Leadership Index brought me a new level of self-awareness that has shown me, how I can quickly move from feeling down, or hard done by, to feeling hopeful and motivated, by understanding my triggers and then intentionally changing my thoughts to turn circumstances into opportunity, creativity and joy.

I would highly recommend doing any kind of work that Lesley offers, and definitely take the Energy Leadership Index Assessment! You will change your attitude, and changing your attitude transforms everything.  In the best possible way. 

Ruth Unrau

Owner, Ruth Unrau Leadership Development Coaching

Mentor, Leader and Facilitator


Over the past 10 years, I have worked with Lesley in the capacity of student, peer, and learner. Lesley brings a passion, energy, and knowledge to each role she plays and as a facilitator possesses a unique ability to keep learners engaged, entertained, and walking away with an immediately accessible toolkit of skills they can employ to work and life. 


Maxine Semple 

Manager, Cultural and Global Engagement at Niagara College 

Work-Life balance Coaching


Deanna Pourier reviewed – 5 star 

When Lesley approached me with the idea of doing a coaching session to help me overcome some of the day-to-day stresses of my new job, I was a bit hesitant. To be fair, I didn’t quite understand what it was, and my preconceived notions — that it’s new-age and self-help-y — were absolutely incorrect.

With Lesley’s keen guidance and deep insights, I was able to come up with practical, logical and easily implementable ways to control my stress and realign my priorities so my days didn’t feel so out of control. Lesley’s warmth, knowledge and directness were crucial to this process, and I’m happy to report that weeks later I’m still happily engaged in the two simple yet effective solutions we came up with, and I’m honestly more content than I’ve been in the five months since I started my job.

Overall, I highly recommend a session — it’s important to know that coaching isn’t about “fixing” you, it’s about unblocking and opening, finding solutions, and feeling supported — and you’ll find no better advocate than Lesley Calvin, whose strength, kindness, and smarts have saved me more times than I’d have space to talk about here.

—Deanna McFadden, writer, publisher, wife, mother

Transition Coaching


MB reviewed  – 5 star


Lesley Calvin, you are one gifted coach! You were able to help me achieve a breakthrough within just one session in an area that I have struggled with for several years. I am grateful for all that you have done for me. I know you will continue to impact people in significant ways! Thank you for sharing your gift with me and others

Emotional Breakthrough Life Coaching


Eileen Stitt reviewed  – 5 star

Lesley is a great coach. During my weeks of coaching with her, I experienced breakthrough in several areas of my life.

Lesley has a way of getting to the deep root issues and helping you to process through them. With her coaching, I was able to work through some difficult blocks in my life and begin to move forward.

Lesley is very validating and helped me realize that my feelings are normal. She was also very helpful in working with me to set manageable goals so I could see results.

I recommend Lesley wholeheartedly as a coach.

- Eileen, Rochester NY

Leadership Development & Strategic Planning Workshop


Abbas Sumar

Associate Director, Global Strategy

Niagara College International

As a strategic planner, facilitator and leadership developer, Lesley  brings a breadth of multi-sectoral experience coupled with depth in  developing and supporting an emotionally-intelligent, results-driven and  people-centred leaders.

The Context: My team recently engaged  Lesley to work with us through a challenging change management process,  using our commonality as the starting point to build lasting consensus  and establish trust between peers and teams. We were once a collection  of 4 co-located teams with distinct though intersecting mandates, a  tenuous unifying theme and a 4 different languages that did not  translate well.

The Result: Through our time with Lesley, our  team dynamic is rapidly evolving and what was once a challenge -  meaningful engagement - is near-second nature. We now have the tools to  collaborate and a common language to communicate.

The  Recommendation: If business success, shared values and/or unified  strategy matter to you, then Lesley Calvin should be your first call.   

Emotional Intelligence and Energy Leadership Index Workshops


Dave Haley

Water Wastewater Services

Niagara Region

I attended Lesley Calvin’s energy management and emotional intelligence coaching workshop.

The material Lesley delivered helped me immensely. 

As someone transitioning into leadership roles professionally, while balancing a young family in my personal life, the material really hit home. It has helped me to navigate through social interactions both personally and professionally.

Lesley’s methods of delivering the material were crucial to its success. She has a way of delivering the

key concepts while making them relatable to our daily lives. It is a very informative, eye opening, and

fun way to either learn these new-to-you concepts, or gain another understanding of them.

I will forever have the tools from her workshop to use throughout my day-to-day life, and look forward

to working with her again!

Emotional Intelligence and Energy Management Workshop


Laura Zlomislić
Entertainment & Marketing Management Casino Niagara

As a Participant, I was lucky enough to be given the  opportunity to participate in one of Lesley's workshops. Not only was the content thought-provoking and invaluable as a young leader, but her application of the material and personal energy was top notch. 

Easily on par with some of best of development workshops I've attended; I  would eagerly recommend her services to anyone looking for personal energy reflection, professional energy development, and/or leadership  and career advancement.   

Level 7 all the way!