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Introduction to Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

Introduction to Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

Introduction to Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

Emotional Intelligence is reported to be more critical to individual success than IQ by 2020. The assessment has been ranked in the top 10 by Forbes magazine as one of the most impactful assessments to take. 

A key challenge for most people in life and work, is to be increasingly more aware and intentional with the their emotional intelligence.  Individuals and organizations, need to be able to respond to internal and external stresses in an emotionally intelligent way ...even if we are not ever sure what that means!!!


  • an understanding of emotional intelligence
  • Debrief participants individual results
  • an awareness of the importance of developing your emotional intelligence
  • an understanding of the connection between emotional triggers,  behaviour, and actions/ performance
  • strategies for developing your emotional intelligence to achieve  three months following the  training   

The Emotionally Intelligent and Effective Leader

Introduction to Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

Introduction to Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

The goal of learning about our emotional intelligence is to  increase awareness of self and others to be to be more conscious of our emotions and how we manage them.  In this workshop we will dive deeply into how to increase your effectiveness and impact as a leader.

   Understanding your EI will help you identify your strengths as well as areas for growth to enhance your personal and professional successes. 


  • Understand more about your personal view on leadership.
  • Explore emotional intelligence as it relates to leadership.
  • Receive your personalized EQ-i2.0 Leadership Report.
  • Identify areas for EI development and related activities.

The Energy of Life, Leadership and the Workplace

The Energy of Life, Leadership and the Workplace

The Energy of Life, Leadership and the Workplace


How is your Emotional Intelligence?!

Good, right? 

But seriously, how is your Emotional Intelligence under STRESS or WORRY? How are you then? The reality is, is THAT is how others perceive your Emotional Intelligence (EI or EQi). YIKES! 

Unfortunately, we leave the most memorable impression when we are at our worst ...not at our best. By having a realistic view (holding a mirror up to our blind spots) and understanding our EI under stress, we are better able to understand ourselves, decrease our REACTIONS, INCREASE our responses, and ultimately optimize our full Emotional Intelligence quotient. From there our personal, interpersonal and professional success and happiness increases! 

Who doesn't want better relationships, more satisfying careers, more self-confidence and inner peace?

The true measure of our Emotional Intelligence (EI) is how conscious, or mindful, of it we are under STRESS, WORRY, FRUSTRATION, etc. 

The Energy Leadership Index (ELI) Assessment, ranked top 10  by Forbes for understanding our Strengths and Gaps, assesses emotional and behavioural reactions, both under normal conditions and under stress. 

From there, I facilitate the ELI framework to preserve Emotional Intelligence under stress, and create realistic pathways to INCREASE EI, by increasing consciousness, or Mindfulness. With Increased consciousness, Emotional Intelligence, and Emotional/Behavioural awareness, individuals and organizations can better see their blind spots, increase productivity, decrease absenteeism and conflict, and increase engagement and satisfaction in work and in life. 

The ELI helps to identify and understand emotional and behavioural blind spots and triggers and the EI provides a framework and 'roadmap' to target change areas. 

This combination is a no-brainer for anyone leading or interacting with people.

Positive Forward Motion in the *FAST lane

The Energy of Life, Leadership and the Workplace

The Energy of Life, Leadership and the Workplace

Positive Forward Motion in the FAST lane 

(Frustrations, Assumptions, Stressors, Triggers)

Please note that Positive Forward Motion in the FAST lane can be delivered in a variety of modalities; 1:1, group/team; Workshop; Keynote. 

All individuals that complete the workshop will receive an Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Management in Leadership Certificate of Completion.

Program goal:

To facilitate a truly powerful and transformative Personal, Professional and Leadership exploration, growth and development experience. 

Program Outcomes:

To develop deep understanding of self and others, to optimize mindfulness and direction. To foster resiliency, grit and emotional intelligence; to ensure the development of self-regard, decision making and stress tolerance; and to be rooted and confident regardless of what is whirling in the world around you.

And for the win…

Practice, apply and MASTER the Positive Forward Motion in the FAST lane model and framework to transform YOUR life in the face of frustrations, Assumptions, Stress and Triggers!

Program Outcomes:

· A framework for managing your emotions and behaviours in the FAST lane

· A coached process to flush out and understand personal values, traits, motivators and triggers

· The opportunity to complete key trait-based (MBTI/Personality Dimensions) and attitudinal (Emotional Intelligence EQ-I 2.0 and Energy Leadership Index ELI) assessments with facilitated ACC Coach and Master Practitioner debriefs, to optimize, leverage and ACTION results

· Create PFM goals goals and action steps to move forward

· Create accountability framework to meet and exceed goals

· A wildly supportive, motivating, dedicated and credentialed ACC Coach, ELI-Master Practitioner, and Organizational Leadership specialist

· Enjoy the process and have FUN doing it! 

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