Benefits of joining a Positive Forward Motion MasterMind include: 

  • Deep dive into Emotional Intelligence for life & leaders (of self & others)
  • Increased emotional effectiveness, self-regulation & optimism
  • Increased assertiveness & empathy
  • Increased self-awareness
  • Accountability
  • 25+ Leadership scenarios 
  • Community of support

Message to secure your spot

Please indicate the Mastermind Series you are inquiring about - Please note that space is very limited. The magic of my Masterminds is the small groups and real connections and attention to each participant's awesomeness and growth. The challenge is that folks who wait to register miss out. Take the plunge to be in the spashzone of Awesomeness!

Mastermind Series - Next Series starting June 2020

As a Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach and Trainer, and Certified Mastermind Facilitator, you can feel confident knowing you are in great hands with me! It is my passion and mission to ensure every individual enrolled in one of my Masterminds will see personal and professional growth and development, and most importantly, show a demonstrated increase in your Emotional Intelligence! 

Whether you are looking to improve your interpersonal relationships, your own self-regard, improve your leadership presence through increased assertiveness, hone your empathy, gain the essential Emotional Intelligence skills to nail that career promotion you are after, find calm and clarity in life, or cultivate any of the 15 Emotional Intelligence Competencies that we will take a deep dive into, a Positive Forward Motion Mastermind is for YOU! 

Over our time together, and as we dig into each competency and support each others 'real life' challenges, your growth areas will be custom to you, so you can be guaranteed that whatever area you are looking to grow, you will have ample opportunity. And if you aren't sure where your blind spots are, don't worry, each Mastermind Series starts with the (optional) EQ-i 2.0 Assessment that details YOUR specific results in a 20+ page customized EQ-i Leadership report. 

As a bonus, every Mastermind participant will receive a Certificate of Completion - Emotional Intelligence Mastermind for Leaders - to include in your portfolio as a conversation starter in any future interviews, networking events, or any other opportunities that you can leverage with your awesome emotional intelligence savvyiness!

Commit to letting your inner growth drive your outer success